Our Vision

To play a vital role in creating an enabling environment across the State for nurturing startups throughout their business lifecycle and make Karnataka a global innovation hub for startups

Our Journey
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New ventures, mostly started by young people with little prior knowledge of corporate affairs, have many hurdles to face during the early stages. Rather than worrying about how to get their business floated, concerns of IP Protection, navigating through state and central regulations and incentives, tech entrepreneurs should be able to focus on building the right product and seeking early customer validation. Further, there are numerous informational and awareness needs of startups that should be addressed in a business friendly environment. To facilitate such handholding, Startup Cell will be established in KBITS to act as a one stop shop that enables easy flow of information and assistance to needy startups. The cell shall also act as a single connect with Government departments where the Startup needs to implement pilots of their projects e.g. facilitate clinical research through coordination with Hospitals through the Health Department. The Startup cell has promoted Bangalore and Karnataka as a startup destination through participation in international and national events, sponsoring the participation of local startups in such events and various other means. The cell must also sponsor the visit of delegations of startups to promotional and marketing events in India and abroad.

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Fostering strong partnerships between R&D Institutions and industry
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Year to Date:15000
Month to Date: 78

Certified Startups

Year to Date: 2545
Month to Date: 25

Funded Startups

Year to Date: 531
Month to Date: 25


Year to Date: 700
Month to Date: 250

Venture Funded Startups

Year to Date: 39
Month to Date: 04

Incubators Supported

Year to Date: 50
Month to Date: 50

Purchase Order Awarded

Year to Date: 105
Month to Date: 61
Key Highlights

Objectives of Startup Karnataka

  • Strengthen the infrastructure set up in Government institutions and support the ecosystem with a greater thrust on emerging clusters Beyond Bengaluru.
  • Inculcate innovation and entrepreneurial skills in students across all streams of learning and provide opportunities where they can nurture and grow to their full potential.
  • Stimulate the growth of upto 25,000 startups and further increase the number of high growth startups.
  • Encourage social entrepreneurship/assistive technology innovations.
  • Facilitate innovative technology solutions in Social Governance sectors to address the existing social challenges in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework and to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Support the creation and development of incubation and acceleration infrastructure as key enablers to boost the prevailing startup ecosystem.
  • Facilitate funding avenues that lead to investment in startups by institutional investors and angel investors and also through Government funding.
Our Goals

Our Objectives

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Facilitate generation of at least 25+ Innovative Technology solutions with a social impact in sectors like Health care, Food Security, Clean environment and Education for all etc.

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Government aid

Mobilize Rs. 2,000+ Cr. funding for investment in startups through Government intervention alone, by leveraging the Fund of Funds proposed to be put in place by the State Government.

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Network with the various parts of startup ecosystem

Ecosystems are about innovation, co-creation and solving problems together. Depending on the type of ecosystem you are in – the outcome can be new business in the form of solutions to known customer problems or new innovative business models or new knowledge.

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Go global with our startup ecosystem friendly platform

Startup ecosystems are springing up in all corners of the world. There are ambitious founders and creative startup teams everywhere, keen to find unique ways to find a great product-market fit and solve the world’s problems.

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