Institutional support provided by the departments

Academic educational institutions whom we have partnered with for research & training

Social Welfare Department

The Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka, has launched Elevate Unnati, a scheme to foster entrepreneurs working on rural and social impact technologies. This scheme is launched with an aim of giving benefits to the SC/ST Entrepreneurs of the states. Karnataka Elevate Unnati Scheme will provide financial support to entrepreneurs from SC/ST communities of Karnataka.

Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT)

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT), Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka has been working towards promotion of sustainable urban mobility solutions since its inception. DULT concluded the implementation of its Clear Air Street Initiative on Church Street, Bengaluru.

Karnataka Police Hackathon

Karnataka State Police conducted a Hackathon for finding workable solutions for day-to-day problems faced by Police, as well as for data mining and analytics solutions to strengthen Police functioning at any location within the region.Sarvatra, a team from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, won the India Police Hackathon 2019 (Facial Recognition), the second and third prizes went to the Team Vikings…

Department of Science & Technology

Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka through its Vision Group in Science & Technology has established two Centres of Excellence in the State. One of the Centre of Excellence is in Digital Forensics Intelligence and the second Centre of Excellence is in Artificial Intelligence for fostering groundbreaking research to develop the solutions that address societal problems.

Karnataka Tourism Policy

The Department of Tourism and its undertakings through the new Tourism Policy vows to collaborate with Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society to identify and promote Startups and emerging technologies with significant potential to improve the tourism sector of Karnataka. Technologies such as mobile apps, computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, simulated reconstruction, machine learning, etc…..

Department of Tourism (Startup Showcase)

Department of Tourism in order to strengthen the Tourism sector in the State through innovations brought in by Startups and to promote Digital Tourism, had organized an Innovative Product Showcase opportunity for Startups focusing on Tourism sector. The program named ‘Startup Showcase’ was designed for Startups funded by Department of Tourism and Department of Electronics, IT, Bt & ST…

Agriculture Innovation Centre

The Agri-innovation Centre at UAS, Bangalore is established to nurture and strengthen the innovations in Agriculture and entrepreneurship. The aim is to foster cutting edge innovations in Agri. based sector leading to job creation and product development resulting in the economic benefits to the farming sector. The centre will help in Incubation of Startup companies and also Promoting …

Skill Development Department

Skill Development Department, Government of Karnataka through Government Order No. SDEL 33 ELM 2021, Bengaluru, Dated: l9-04-2021 has constituted Karnataka Skills and Entrepreneurship Task Force for career guidance, training and enhancement of employment & entrepreneurship opportunities with representatives of private and public sector. This has now been extended for Startups…